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Article Submission SEO Services

Article Submission - SEO Services, Website Designing Services

Article Submission Service

Our article writing and submission service allows you to share your knowledge, generate targeted traffic & one-way deep links to your website.

The service also allows you to make the most of the following advantages: Build on your business credibility, as you can have a detailed interaction with your target audience.

Build quality one way links to your inner pages (Deep Links). This is one the major benefits which is unique to article submission and helps you to increase the Page Rank of your inner pages.

They also allow you with an opportunity to inform readers about yourself & your business through the "About Author" section.

And most importantly, it spreads like Viral Marketing without any effort from your end. All you need to do is that you submit your article to good Article Directories & it will be picked up & published at other places automatically!


Manual Hand Submission

Ensures that your article is submitted to the right category, in proper compliance with the directory's submission rules. Thus, you enjoy higher acceptance rate.

No Reciprocal links or Extra Payment Required The back links to your site are one way and permanent. You don't have to provide any reciprocal links to the article directories.

Detailed Project Form Allows you to provide various details about your site. Our experts will help you to fill up this form so that you can provide accurate details.

2-3 Links in the Author as Resource Box Provides you valuable deep anchor text links to your site.

Detailed Final Submission Report

Helps you to identify the exact category and PR of the article directory where we have submitted your article.

Client Login Section Keep track of your order and get directly in touch with the expert who is submitting your article. You can also place new orders & download project details form.


What is Article Submission? It is an ethical tool used by the webmasters to get one way quality links to their website. The articles usually contain some promotional text that is relevant and so the people are encouraged to publish it with the specific link back URL.

How does it work? If someone finds an interesting Web written article, they will want to post that article on their own site or blog and definitely provide you with a link back url. So in this way, your content gets huge exposure for free just for its value of uniqueness.

Why Article Submission is necessary? Article Directories are like Article Archives, containing many Articles, categorized accordingly. Many experts put up their articles on these Directories to share their knowledge. Thus, these serve as huge databank of knowledge & information and attract large audience. By submitting to them, you are sharing your business knowledge & experience with your "Potential Clients". And in return, they provide you with quality link backs!

Can I see the list of directories? Of course you can. Contact us right here.

Will I have an option to give personal information about myself? Yes, there is a separate section which gives specific information about the author. We will also add an "About Author" section, below each article.

What is a Pen name? It is the name of the guy who writes the article (And that is YOU!). Either you can use your name & reveal your true identity or you can also use a dummy name.

Can you write an article for me? Yes we can. We have a full time team of in-house content writing experts who will write engaging articles for you and the article will be finalized only after it gets your approval!

How do I know if the article created for me is authentic and not duplicated? You can check from if the content provided by us is original or not.

Will I get full ownership of the article including Copyrights? Yes you will. In fact once the article is written & accepted by you, you have full ownership over it. You will also have full copyright over it.

What if my article is taken up by other writers & they publish it under their own name? Article Directories allow others to take up article from their database and publish it elsewhere. But one will have to compulsorily mention the name of the actual author & information about him (In this case you!). In case you find any such case where your article has been taken up illicitly, you can sue the person on grounds of copyright infringement.

Once the article is submitted to an Article Directory, for how long will it remain active? For at least six months. After that it depends on how popular your article is. As long as it attracts viewers, it remains active.

We hope to have addressed all your doubts and queries! So, choose your desired package and place your order now! In case you have further queries please feel free to write to us at